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Yoga for life.



Yoga is one of the ancient practices regularly followed by many to keep their health fit. As it’s origin was in India it is completely a fruitful form of practice which can be carried out if we need a perfect health. Early morning yoga is known to keep our mind peaceful and active for the whole day. Healthy life helps us to achieve our dreams with more confidence and strength.


LEADer Tejaswini from Government Polytechnic College, Hiriyur, Chitradurga, Karnataka came up with an adoring idea of teaching yoga to hostel girls and old age people. On taking hostel warden permission at her college hostel, she started conducting yoga classes to all the hostel girls twice in a week. Also, she used to visit a temple at Metikurke village where she gathered few old age people and taught them also yoga every Sunday for 8 days. 

After teaching she used to explain to everyone about the importance and benefits of each Asana she taught them each day. This made everyone to gain more knowledge about yoga. There are a lot of benefits of yoga, she says that it reduces stress, increases our energy, enthusiasm and concentration, it also keeps us active, it gives their mind peace, provides energy, and keeps them healthy throughout their life. She taught around 160 students and 50 old age people, which is really a good number. 


Hostel girls as well as the elders were happy and they used to enjoy the classes. They appreciated her efforts to contribute a small but most beneficial part in their life. This not only benefited others but it also helped her in learning to communicate, built her courage, and also helped her to stay fit. This is an amazing project carried by LEADer Tejaswini which helped around 210 lives to be fit and lead a comfortable and healthy life.



Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email Id: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com




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