International Yoga Day 2019


Yoga is an ancient therapy or a practice which has become a boon from our ancestors.  Yoga is not just the repetition of some postures, it is more about discovering one’s inner peace. It is learning more about our inner beauty. Yoga exercises have an excellent effect and bring body, mind consciousness and soul into balance. It helps us in the development of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. By adapting Yoga in daily life one can be blessed with a clear and focused mind. 

  • International Day of Yoga, commonly known as Yoga Day, is celebrated annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. On account of 5th International Yoga Day, our LEADers made sure that it was celebrated to another level their most inspiring and unique ideas. In the Regions of Karnataka, UP and Nizamabad the events were celebrated focusing on the importance of Yoga and necessity for its continuation. Our LEADers were successful in reaching 4500 lives directly and indirectly. On  behalf of 5th International Yoga Day Celebration, Some of the details of the celebration are: 
  • LEAD Kakatiya Sandbox associated with Rotary Club of Nizamabad and The Art of living participated in “Yoga Walk”. The walk started from collector ground to Gandhi Chowk.
  • LEADers of Government Polytechnic college Hiriyur took the initiative to give awareness about Yoga and its benefits to the public from Kottige and Harishchandra ghat areas through the rally. They have covered 500+ public and 50+ students took part in the Rally.
  • Leaders Abhilash and Manjunath from Davangere took an initiative to teach Yoga to kids in Omkar orphanage home Davangere. Around 20 students took part in it. 
  • To empower the students with Yoga inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness students at Deshpande Educational Trust started the day with yoga by taking a pledge of yoga continuation on the occasion of international yoga day. Around 800+ students have participated in this event.
  • Team Leader Thejaswini and Triveni from Govt Polytechnic College Hiriyur, from last one week of practice the Yoga for Life initiative winded up by our leaders today. They conducted Yoga for nearly 350 + students at Narayanapura village along with their teachers. All the Teachers have participated in the yoga session and appreciated for our lEADer’s dedication to teaching yoga and their Leadership to make their initiative successful.
  • Leader Jyoti Itagoni and her team took an initiative for the celebration of yoga day in Shri A S Bhate Kannada medium school and CSS high school karoshi. LEADers shared the importance of yoga and Taught yoga and meditation to 600 Students at Karoshi.
  • * LEADers from Govt Men ITI l, Belagavi initiated yoga in their college on the occasion of international yoga day. LEADer Shrilesh, Nagraj, Shrinivas, Irish, Vishwa along with more than 1000 students from the college participated in the event. After experiencing the vibe of yoga. The principal has asked the students to work on doing yoga every morning for 1 hour.
  • LEADer Ashwath and his team (LLPians) visited a village called Talaku Govt  High school and PU college. With 490+ college and high school students, Leaders organized a Rally at Talaku village were students given awareness of Yoga and its importance.
  • LEAD Leaders Suchitra and Hemalath from GPT College Chitradurga celebrated the International Yoga day at Bevinahally village near Tumkur district. StYoga through students participated very enthusiastically in yoga class.
  • Leader Ranjita celebrated international yoga day with old age peoples of her colony and give awareness on yoga made them understand.
  • LEADers Sanjaygouda, Somshekharayya and Shivaling from Vijaypur celebrated the International Yoga Day in a unique way. These LEADers drew the Yogic postures in Government schools to have focussed learning on Yoga through the pictorials, and it will remain on school walls for many years and students will learn and get aware of yoga by seeing pictures.
  • LEAD (EkSoch Sandbox) organized an early morning session on International Yoga Day. The session started with Garlending the portrait of pt. Madan Mohan Malviya and Bharat Mata. EkSoch Sandbox Director Mr. Ajay Suman along with trainer Mr. Shubham conducted the session by demonstrating basic warm up and exercise. Around 120 people including LEADers, computer class students and staff participated in the session. Post this session students graduating through the Digital Literacy Program of joint collaboration of Deshpande Foundation and ST Micro-electronics Foundation India were distributed with their certificates.

        On account of International Yoga day, our Leaders practiced Yoga in several parts of the state and country encouraging others to do the same. Yoga is an effort. Only practice is important. So adopt Yoga in your daily routine for a happy and better leaving.


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