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Yashaswini- A Step towards Women Empowerement


Internationally woman are fighting for their right and independence, and this is also the case here in Indian. Often it is seen that woman should be homemakers and take care of the family, but in the impoverished family, this could mean suffering. It is essential in situations where families may be suffering from financial barriers that the woman can gain income as well. The fact of the matter is that if the woman is a homemaker they may not have been offered the privilege of receiving an education or work experience.

LEADer Shahidali Rangrez saw the local woman and their families suffering due to their financial situation, and he decided to do something about this. Shahidali observed the problem and concluded that giving these woman a chance to learn a skill that they could capitalize on was the right plan of action.

Shahidali over the course of a week taught these woman business skills and how to make jewelry. On the practical side he taught these woman how to create jewelry and traditional clutches at an adequate level. More importantly, he taught the woman the basics of how to sell these products and the basics of business. With these skills, these women are able to start a new jewelry business and secondly create a company for their other talents like dance, clothing and many others.

Just because something has always been ‘that way’ does not mean it is right. Next time you catch yourself thinking “I wonder why it is like that,” ask about it. You may discover that the answer is just because it has always been that and that is never a good excuse for bad practices.
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