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Women will power proved Strongest


Leader: Roopali Kulkarni
Place: Rani Katta Village
College: CB Kore College

Collection of funding


Roopali of CB Kore College is a one woman army! She, with the help of just a few people from her village close to Sirsi (Ranikatta), managed to get the attention of civic authorities to inform them that the electric transmitter in her village was not functioning. In order to get the problem fixed, Roopali used 800 Rs funded by LEAD and raised 3000 Rs from the village. She says the task was not easy and the dire emergency of the situation made it even more important for her to take this timely action. Roopali says that she has learnt to believe in herself and take on responsibility.


Work in Action


Roopali’s actions have ensured that 3000 people receive electricity. She has helped farmers and local businesses, and many other small industries which were shut down due to lack of power have reopened. What Roopali did has shown people that if you take on a task and dedicate time, effort and lots of hard work, there is a fulfilling result.
The challenges in the project, apart from the lack of funds, was the lack of faith the villagers had in Roopali’s ability to fix their problem. Roopali says the project took a serious hit when a line man fell and injured his arm. However, she stuck with her conviction and proved that much can be done with an idea!

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