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Women can be the real change maker of society


Women are the real architects of society. They have a fanatic strength that outwits them in their goals. They contribute a lot to society in their entire life. As mother always stands by her child and solves the problem, so as the women she takes care of the mother earth.

women empowerment
Leader Priyadarshini taking session for women

LEADer Priyadarshini from government polytechnic college, Hiriyur, Chitradurga joined LEAD through orientation program at her college. She was inspired by the stories of other leaders and this made her work enthusiastically on her idea to help the society to improve.

Plastic is destroying the mother nature for many years and now its level is increasing day by day. Pros of plastics are lesser compared to its cons. As we know it is a non-biodegradable element, it is the most dangerous element on earth which we use in our daily life. It’s recycling process is costlier than new production of plastics. According to the estimation, one billion tons of plastic waste have been discarded since the 1950s. The unlimited use of plastic in day to day life has affected nature terribly. It has contributed and is still contributing to all kinds of pollutions like land, water, air, and also has contributed to climate change due to greenhouse effect. It is our responsibility to avoid the use of plastic completely so that the harmful effects caused by the plastic to nature is stopped.

LEADer Priyadarshini’s mother is working on her small business of preparing materials of banana fibre as a substitute for plastic.

  LEADer Priyadarshini implemented her idea of spreading her mothers work in the thought of less use of plastic by the people in her village. She made a visit to each and every house in her locality and gathered everyone in one place. She explained to them about the cons of plastic use and pros of fibre materials.

Convincing people in this era is really a difficult task, but she managed it well. She also offered an opportunity to all the women in her village to learn the fibre work from her mother. Her initiative bought a change in her locality and this made her project successful. Now a few women go to her home and work with her mother to make the materials and sell them to the local people as well as a small company.

   Learning how to convince people, building up courage and strength were few leadership qualities acquired by her. The project not only has one advantage of the use of fibre over the plastic to save our environment but also an excellent opportunity for the women to work and earn for themselves.

Written By : Priyanka Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar@gmail.com

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