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Women Entrepreneurship is not trend rather it is a revolution!


“Women” the name itself sounds so fragile and responsible .Not a complete definition though but covers the most of it ; possibly cannot be defined even. A very complex being in the world today and even back then in the ages,it has not been an easy evolution.
From just fulfilling the man’s sexual desires to handling the house by cooking and more to the present and still evolving women holds all the roles today and is the one who works the hardest in all terms as it seems ,even the Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar accepts the truth.
There comes this trendy topic “Women Entrepreneurship” sounds very cool but takes a lot of dark sides of your personality to work on.
Starting a business , taking an initiative,leading the roles in the society other than the household chores which is still more complex can be grid as women entrepreneurship sector.
Love , gratitude,respect,acceptance of uncertainty,truthfulness,smart and hard work simultaneously for one’s life will lead any women to the position she sees herself into.
World is changing,and will get better as women will start taking the positions she has to be taking and will always need that support from men to complete her in all sense.

Women Entrepreneurship is the first and the right step taken towards the betterment of the society today and has many challenges in it ,which she is overcoming everyday and is rising her bars .
As Indra Nooyi says “Women cannot have it all” ,it’s a motto of every women to have it all in her life and she works for it everyday.
Entrepreneurship is what comes by her nature itself, having it in a broader sense beyond just the home makes her overcome the suppressions which she has been through in the past ages and most importantly it make the world a better place to live in!
Shoutout to all those women who come out of their comfort zones and work in it’s fullest!!
Women Entrepreneurship there you go!

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Written by : Vaishnavi Hatrote

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