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‘Woman’ a gush of energy, enthusiasm, love, compassion and affection


We definitely have success stories of women which have never failed to inspire us. But this ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ we would like to talk about  women who have played a prominent role in LEAD. A  small appreciation note to address some extraordinary women around us. Their achievement is not measured in terms of any statics, graphs or success rates rather  it is measured in the number of lives they have touched and transformed. Following are a few among the lot whose stories are lined up to leave you inspired while we narrate them to you.

Sanmat Jakkannavar:

FB_IMG_1520444083959The most joyous person in the team. Miss Sanmati  Jakkanavar, the HR executive of LEAD,  is a huge source of motivation and can be termed as an energy factory. She defined new channels to groom students and enhance their  LEADership qualities. Miss Sanmati not just trained the LEAD students but also the fellowship students. She strongly believes in structured programming. ‘Organized’ is the rite adjective that defines her. Helping students to build a better personality is what she focuses on. Happiest International Women’s day  to this motivated lady who never fails to fill the ambiance with enthusiasm.


Annie Vijaya

FB_IMG_1520444036340Popularly known as LEAD Maa, Annie Vijayawas is one of the pioneers for the kick start of LEAD. Annie is a person who believes in simple living-high thinking and treats all equally. Need an advise? Annie is always there! From being a very good listener to trusted advisor to many, Annie has inspired a lot of people throughout her journey in LEAD. She also gets the credit of introducing LEAD to many students. Wishing Annie a happy international women’s day, we miss you at LEAD.


Tanveer Taj

FB_IMG_1520443908054Small stature yet a dynamic personality, Tanveer Taj has been in Deshpande Education the trust for over 3 years recruiting fellows for different fellowship programs . Presently working as program associate in LEAD, Tanveer has encouraged many students to take up initiatives for the positive change of society. A humble person who believes in hard work and commitment has inspired numerous young students to act upon and come up with solutions for the problems in society. Tanveer definitely deserves a token of appreciation on this special day.


Jyothi Yadav

An ever enthusiastic trainee who has worked in the organizing team of LEAD Prayana and Yuva summit. JyothiYadav believes in teamwork and coordination. According to Jyothi, no work is considered small, even the smallest initiatives can make a big difference.She herself has taken up many initiatives and has been an example for people around her. Jyothi is very optimistic about taking up many more initiatives and making the best use of this platform provided by LEAD.

Rasika Mangale:

FB_IMG_1520443969362A 22 year old girl pursuing her graduation from Jain college of Engineering, Belagavi. A girl with immense determination and passion towards her accomplishments. She joined LEAD on being inspired by the moto of LEAD. She no doubt participated in numerous social initiatives but her special contribution was when she decided to encourage the LEAD initiatives by writing and promoting them. With the help of her spectacular qualities and her experienced gained by working with the LEAD Social Media , rasika is now heading a bunch of writers who are engaged in fortifying the young minds. Cheers to our Social Media Intern, Miss Rasika Mangale and tons of wishes on this special day.


Supriya Kulkarni:

FB_IMG_1520444342929If silence is a Weapon, she is the finest warrior. Supriya Kulkarni, a student with a revolutionary thought process and a highly motivated soul. A constant contributor to LEAD and in turn to the society. She came up with initiatives in various sectors and ensured she made an impact. The biggest of her strengths is compassion and strongest of powers is determination. Supriya is also a potential entrepreneur. Simplicity being her charm and determination her asset. Change maker of the society is what she can be addressed as. This young mind has a constant flow of thoughts to build a better society. This is what defines  how women of this generation are changing stereotypes.



“You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.”

                                                                                               -Maya Angelou

Written by: Ritika Ganiger

Email: ritikaganiger@gmail.com

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