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Wider insight about blood donations


Do you know that every 2 seconds someone, somewhere is in need of blood?

According to the statistics of BBC 2005, one person dies every six minutes and 10 are injured in the same time frame in the world. Non availability of blood is the major cause for death globally and if taken India into consideration then,

More than 38,000 Blood donations are needed every day as India faces a shortage of 3 Million units of blood Annually!

Now  take a pause and understand the whole picture. India is not a country with equal demography, we have rural area which are hard for the blood units to reach, we have semi urban areas which is moderately replenished with blood units and the urban areas which are sufficiently replenished with blood units. Talking of another fact, There are places in India where blood units are in excess for instance,

Chandigarh had almost nine times the blood it needed, Delhi three times, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Mizoram, and Pondicherry twice, according to government data.

The Five actual major causes for the shortage of blood units are,

  1. No central collection agency
  2. Leaving the logistics of collecting blood to single blood banks and local governments.
  3. No proper distribution of blood bank, Blood banks in some areas are concentrated and scarce in other areas.
  4. Less Rural replenishment and urban over-cramming. Lack of awareness on donations.

The shortage was estimated at 1.1 million units as blood is measured with a unit being either 350 ml or 450 ml – in 2015-16 in contrast with 3 million units annually which means the problem actually lies not in donations but what happens after donation and unitizing the blood, that said

Blood donation is equally important and soulful but we must be careful what happens to it, stays on the shelves or reaches the actual needy.

In the closing comments I would like to say,

  1. Donate your blood once every 3 months for males and females, once every 4 months.
  2. Go to a rural blood bank to donate your blood.
  3. Put up a post on your social sites and encourage others too!

Remember, one unit of your blood saves 4 lives and it even helps you in being healthy.

Written by: Varadh Kulkarni

Email id: varadh.kulkarni.se@gmail.com

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