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What’s more important than a good healthy life!


Health and hygiene are the most vital aspects of a human to survive the best. Our good and proper hygiene practices will lead to good health which in turn will lead to a healthier life. Proper education about health and hygiene measures should be provided to a child at an early age itself. This will emphasize their habits from their childhood itself and they can have a better life during older ages.


LEader Nilima Jangam from KLE DR. M. S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Technology, Belgavi has taken up an amazing initiative about health and hygiene awareness to school students from past 2 years. This year, LEader Priyanka joined the project as a keen interest in this project. The most proper age for learning is during school stage. Students should be aware of this topic at an early age. So that they can practice these good habits from this age itself.


She visited seven villages named Kinaye, Navage, Bhadarwadi, Karle, and Piranwadi and conducted sessions for 8th, 9th and 10th standard students. She gave knowledge about how our health gets affected due to improving health practice. She explained to them about proper and good health care practices.



During teenage, once a girl reaches her puberty stage, her health practices play a very important role in keeping her healthy and fit. She should have complete knowledge regarding menstruation. LEaders conducted a special session for girls and shared all the knowledge regarding the basic and cause for menstrual cycles, how to practice good habits, merits of menstruation also myths about menstruation were cleared. And after the distribution of sanitary napkins, the merits of the usage of napkins instead of cloths were discussed. LEaders Nilima and Priyanka showed a few videos in order to emphasize the points.


It is really hard to change the thoughts of girls regarding menstruation because there are lots of myths which they hear from many people and there are lots of restrictions which are put on them. So, making them understand the fact and changing their thoughts was quite difficult but it wasn’t impossible. In rural areas, girls find it difficult and feel shy to speak about this topic to anyone. So, when they were said to question the LEaders for any doubts, they felt uncomfortable. All the school teachers were happy and they praised for their initiative.



This topic is always kept silent, but it’s the most important thing to be made aware of, for girls at the right age. Taking up such great initiatives under LEAD and getting the best response is as equal as achieving a lifetime reward! 


Written by : Priyanka Kammar

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