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Vidya Jyothi Organisation


Starting from one and then spreading as much as possible, is the target for every organisation or a social worker. This leads to development of humankind as well as society and country. Vidya Jyothi is one such organisation which is satisfyingly contributing in the development.

Vidya Jyothi is a organisation for women and rural development society at Naganur. A society which was established as per 1960 rules under society registration act on 27th of November in the year 2004, under the registration number 528.

As every system needs a LEADer to emphasize a team to work effectively , Mrs. Rajeshwari Suresh Matapathi leads this society as the president. The society undertakes many programs and projects and plays a huge role in contributing to the development of society. Few of the sectors in which they contribute are education, socio-economic, health, government law camps, blood donation camp and many more. They also take up women empowerment and both rural and urban community development program.

In their own district, they have established 76 WOMEN SELF HELP organisations  which completely help to women to build their own independent path to earn and live. Two complexes have been constructed in Gokak Taluka which are working under PRY program which is a literacy program, under the social welfare department .

AGP program have also been managed by this organisation. In this order, the society is affiliated with the government and semi- government plans. With the help of well experienced staff the society has succeeded to turn their plans into actions.

Written By: Priyanka Kammar

Mail Id: priyankaykammar18@gmail.com



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