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A Tribute to The Operation Vijay!


“Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it but I will be back for sure” after hearing these words the head of every Indian raises with pride. The respect to the soldier increases  and respect for the Indian army gets doubled. These are words said by the Late Captain Vikram Batra before his mission of operation Vijay to save our motherland from Pakistani intruders who took over Kargil.

Kargil Vijay Diwas is the day to remember India’s Brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives when the nation was at stake. It is named after the success of operation ‘Vijay’ on 26th July 1999. Kargil war was fought between the two nuclear capable countries India and Pakistan from 8th May 1999 to  26th July 1999 along LOC . The war continued for more than 60 days. This operation Vijay was launched to clear the Kargil sector of Jammu and Kashmir. India successfully took command of high outputs which had been lost to Pakistani intruders.

The Kargil war is considered to be one of the toughest war fought till date because of height of the altitude. It is dangerous due to the rough terrains and natural habitat where the temperature sometimes falls less than -47 degrees. Mother India lost more than 530 sons during Kargil war and more than 20,000 people were affected by it. Over 2 lakh bombs and artillery were fired during the war. It is believed that after the 2nd world war, the highest amount of artillery ever used was Kargil.

In the political side of the war, Pakistan refused to take any blame as the world criticized it and rather the Leaders of Pakistan cited that the incision was caused by “The Kashmiri Freedom Fighters” Although a lot of evidence was published by the Indian officials, the Government of Pakistan denied everything.

The Kargil Vijay Diwas is not just a day to celebrate a battle victory but to raise above these boundaries and celebrate our fallen comrades, their sacrifice to maintain peace and stability within the country. The importance of the sacrifices of a soldier can never be defined in any context but as an old saying goes, Our Flag does not fly because of wind, It files with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.


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