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To Teach is to Learn Twice





“Learning is knowledge absorbance that strikes the best of the learner”.

Grammar is the pillar of the command over one’s language all over the globe. We all learn languages as a subject or as a source to communicate but we at most forget how keen the rules of learning “Grammar” are. We often tend to make a unrealizable mistake in our conversation that may affect your command over the language. These small mistakes we commit always need to be rectified during our learning age, and hence our LEADer Keerthi Raykar from MES Commerce College Sirsi realized how important language plays its role in our life. She took an initiative to take grammar classes at a primary boy’s hostel where she came across the primary students who were in learning stage where they actually needed to learn few many aspects that helped them speak confidently. She worked over their basics and pronunciation which were the main points to figure out.



About 80 boys actively showed their interest to learn, grow and explore their personal communication skills. This turned out much more grasping and interactive among the kids as they were learning something new. Keerthi made sure that this learning class would have the seed of fun learning. So she included displaying the charts and examples to the students which helped them more to fit in the knowledge and implement in their language.




She will be regularly brushing up the syllabus she tends to teach in future as she feels that this would help the students stand out confidently and have a good flow and hold over the Kannada language.

Keerthi looks forward to continuing this great deed of teaching as this is giving her more to learn because


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