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It is the time to fight back the root cause!


It has now been a long time since I have started to write blogs and I have written more than four blogs on the topic: “RAPE”. I am not tired of writing about it but I am tired of repeating my words for the same reason. India ranks 4th in rape cases. I’m ashamed to say but, rape has become something like a trend in India these days. Well, even a trend has its own time right?, and I just want this “RAPE TREND” to get over soon.

images (4)We are aware that this great society is continuously blaming girls even though she is the victim. The reason they provide is sometimes the clothes she wears, staying late outside, or solo travelling and the reasons just don’t end. Fine, I’ll assume that it is wrong to wear short skirts as it shows off her skin or let me assume that it is wrong to stay out late as it provides a chance for the criminal to pounce at her. Now if that is the case, then I need answers to my next questions. If a child wears a short skirt, does her skin really excite the monsters? As per my knowledge, children mostly don’t stay out after 7 o’clock and even if they did, is that a chance for monsters to rape her? When we read or hear about these rape cases, most of us just speak about what the government has not been doing, how the rapist should be treated or the most common one, show sympathy through words and posts. But how many of us actually change our attitude towards girls and women huh? I can go on writing about changes to be brought with the attitude towards women but I won’t be doing that today


According to the newspapers, Asifa was kidnapped in order to teach a lesson to the Muslim community. So basically, this reason makes it a crime on the religious basis. Well, religion is a sensitive issue and being a religious person myself, I do understand the meaning of a religion, it’s importance and the things my religion teach me. Every religious person out there should know that a basic rule of being religious is respecting a woman irrespective of the caste or religion she belongs to. If these rapists, raped her to revenge their cause in a holy place, then that does not make them religious! It is still a custom in certain places that women are not allowed to enter a temple when they are on their menstrual cycle and there are also certain places where a woman is completely restricted from entering a temple. But, here we have a case where a child is raped in a temple. This brings my next question to the media, how can you call this a revenge for a religion, how can you call those people religious when they have made a living hell out of a life of an innocent for days and then cruelly took her life? Is it really a religion, that is to be blamed? I don’t think we can blame a particular religion.







The root cause comes back to the same thing I have been speaking through my blogs, “mentality”! One gets raped and the whole country just wants to update status. How much time does that status stay on the social media? Not more than 24 hours, and then what? The whole country gets back to being busy with work. The next day, another innocent life is made hell. Now the same thing repeats. This is nothing but a loop and this is the reason why I called the whole thing as a trend in the beginning. I saw a post that said, “yesterday Jessica, today Asifa and tomorrow it will be someone from your life”. I don’t understand why there has to be tomorrow for such crimes? Why can’t this be stopped or even reduced?

download (8)I sometimes travel alone at night too and there are times I feel a bit unsafe. But then I ask myself, “why do I have to feel unsafe when there are people around me?”. There will be at least one person out of 50 to stand by me if something happens and if not that, then I am carrying a pepper spray and a pocket knife or one of many other things which can be used as a weapon in my defence. It is necessary because I know, in this world I have to protect myself and I have to fight for my existence. I am and have to be strong enough to face any problem coming towards me. This should be the attitude of every girl out there because it is a time to be “DURGA”. But on the other hand, a child can not do the same, as she doesn’t even have the knowledge of rape and the monster, rapist. But it’s time for us to aware children on topics such as good touch and bad touch, things that can help them to be safe. It is also the time to find the justice that gives goosebumps and chills to anyone who thinks of touching someone without their approval. It’s is time for us to remove the root problem.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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