The need to eradicate plastic


“Each one of us can make a difference.  Together we make a change”.

In today’s society life without plastic is nearly impossible, we depend on it for our basic needs. It is available easily at low prices but it contributes to our health, safety and many other luxuries which we take for granted. We all know that plastic is a non bio-degradable substance. Plastic is made up of large organic molecules that can be formed into a variety of products. They consist of building blocks called hydrocarbons, typically derived from petroleum or natural gas.

As plastic has many disadvantages our LEADer Sai Geetha and her teammates of S.R.T.I.S.T. college from Nalgonda took an initiative to reduce the usage of plastic. LEADers undertook various awareness campaigns on plastic usage and its toxicity.  Firstly, our leaders started visiting to every house and there they had interacted with each every person and explained them about the disadvantages caused by using plastic by showcasing some pictures. They gifted jute bags to the people in order to make a small  change in the people mindset and explained advantages of jute bags and still this campaign is continuing in Nalgonda , in order to remove the plastic from its root.

This project was successful and through this project nearly 150 members were benefited and leaders got eligible funds from lead. Indeed it was pretty hard to convince the shopkeepers because per one plastic cover its cost is just ₹ 0.8 paise and if it comes to jute bag its cost is ₹ 2. At last our leaders convinced some of them and still they are working in order to change the people’s mindset. LEADers recieved good appreciation from public and they are our LEADers were thankful to the people who had supported them. Leaders were happy and satisfied with what they have done.

At last I conclude by urging everyone to start saying no to plastic and welcome jute bags into the society. Its only when the curse of plastic is eradicated, India will be a great society to live.

Written by – Kavya Vangayala

Email ID – kavyavangala7@gmail.com

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