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Teknovating the methods of farming: Sharad Patil


We know farming as one of the oldest professions since the dawn of civilization. Cultivation on earth is one of the most important labors of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization. But unfortunately, agriculture has been one of the most neglected sectors in our country,  even though a large proportion of our population is linked through agriculture, the conditions of farmers in India grow worse everyday. Agriculture has become an underrated profession in India. Farming is not an easy affair, it looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the field. But you’ll only know the real struggle and hard work when you do it.

Sharad Patil, an engineering student was out on his field where he noticed how the laborers were working on sowing fertilizer across the land and observed the conditions that they were in. Evidently, many of them had a difficult time, often having their backs bent and dealing with muddy conditions. He was ignited to do something after witnessing their struggles on the field. Sharad started by searching for the right equipment that eased their burden. These initiatives only failed after contacting government shops, call centers, and agricultural universities that provided little answers for helping them sow fertilizer. The lack of answers provided only motivated his engineering mindset to find his own solutions instead.

Sharad had to start from the scratch, he didn’t know where to start or where to end. But there was one thing that kept him going i.e. hope. From pipe networks to bags, the young engineering student, along with his partners, devised several innovations to make the fertilizing job easier for farm laborers. After lots of trials and errors, he finally came up with a portable machine that could be carried on laborer’s backs. After some tinkering, the prototype became perfected, having the ability to sow fertilizer at crop networks in optimal quantities as well as having both automated and manual options


Sharad found that the neighboring farmers were curious about the new prototype machine and were asking for a demo, thus the demand was evident.  Satisfying the demand and realizing the importance of my project, I made 3-4 prototypes. Sharad came to know about LEAD and how it supports students with innovative ideas which made a social impact. He also learned about LEAD Talaash. He and his team felt it would be a great platform to showcase their idea and get some high-level inputs from the experts.

Talaash 2015 was a turning point in their journey as it connected them with NanoPix and Sandbox Startups who stood with Sharad and team, mentoring us in converting the project into a product we grew up strong and thus incorporated Teknovator Solutions LLP in 2016.


Today Teknovator Solutions integrates a team of passionate and dedicated members with expertize in various fields of Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical–Engineering and User Experience Design. Their vision is to define problem statement in the fields of Agriculture, Medical, Defense etc; ideate innovative solutions and deliver state of the art products which are simple and affordable.  Currently, they are focusing on agricultural sector with their first product ‘Fertilizer Feeder’.

This is how Sharad converted a simple thought into an idea which later became a project and ended up becoming a product. This is how he converted his ideas into actions and created a social impact. We can see that success doesn’t have shortcuts, it’s a product of sheer hard work.

Written by: Shyam Manja
Email: manjashyam@gmail.com

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