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Teaching the Pure-Hearted Gems



Innocence is the growth of self-consciousness, the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. And it that thing which is only found in kids. They have an innocence about them that is genuine and very real.That is why children are compared to gods. They are the gems with huge heart and all they care about is true love.

Unfortunately, not all children are gifted equally, some are mentally disabled, these children are neglected even by their parents and thrown to orphanages.Whenever we see these kids, we feel sad.Similarly, LEADer Kayashree was taken aback on seeing some mentally disabled kids from a nearby school.

She wanted to do something for them, being a student from a middle-class family she knew she can’t do any great help but she At least wanted to gain their friendship, trust and to tell them that they are not alone.


So LEADer Kayashree from BVBCET Hubli took an initiative, she and her friends visited the Mamata school for mentally disabled in free time and started teaching those kids.

Initially, it was very difficult to communicate with those kids, some would even come to hit them.
It took a lot of time and patience to gain their trust. Kayashree and friends visited the mentally disabled kids whenever they had free time, and they did this continuously for a month.After a month’s time, they did not require any special language to communicate. It was only love and friendship. They taught the kids many things starting from basic general knowledge to simple science.


Even today LEADer Kayashree and her friends visit that school and spend their free time with those kids.Even though this initiative went unrecognized, the love and well wishes of those kids will stay with them forever.

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