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Quality is my principle and qualified is my attitude” is the quote which perfectly suits for the name LEADer Kajal Deepak Kargave from Nippani. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world but is it accessible to all?? Not all know about the importance of education.

Concerned about this situation made LEADer Kajal Kargave came out with an amazing idea of helping the children by conducting talent hunt exam for students in all languages. Her wish of educating the students was brought into action with the help of LEAD association which she had joined through an orientation program held in her college.

The situation of some students are like being in 10th standard they just know to write the answer according to books of prescribed syllabus and are unaware of the competition in the corporate sector. This talent hunt exam gives an idea about the kind of objective questions they have to face in their future exams. This exam helps to build their ability to learn out of text which will boost their confidence. The focused area which LEADer Kajal selected were the remote villages where the education quality is poor and can’t afford extra classes tuition for competitive exams.

  This initiative required more helping hands and also financial support. This great initiative was recognized by the LEAD Foundation and financial and moral help was provided. The major problem or obstacle for the project was the arrangements and place to conduct exam for huge crowed. She discussed the idea with college staff. They happily agreed to help and cooperated in all aspects like setting proper question paper and all. All other leaders, teachers and faculty members joined hand in hand and helped in all aspects.

The aim of educating more and more people was accomplished as she could educate 700 students from rural parts. She sighs with relief and gives the credit to the team who has helped her in completing the project. Team work, coordination, creativity and Handling people is what she has learnt from this project. She further looks at initiating this projects at many more places and is aiming maximum beneficiary.

By: Ambika Kumari Patra

Mail ID: ambikakumaripatra@gmail.com

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