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      “A person can live without food for a few weeks but not even a few days without consumption of water” Nataraj Puram Gupta is from NIZAMABAD and he is pursuing Degree 2nd year in SSR Degree College, Nizamabad. He had passion to serve the society, besides that he was also the president of ROTARACT club, NZB which is basically a club in their college with intention to serve for the society. As, his principal observed him as an active participant, he made him to join in LEAD as a representative from his college. This opportunity made him to get inspired by the works and projects of LEAD, then he wanted to be a part of the inspiration. So he has been encouraged by his friends, teachers and family for his Innovative ideas. So, he started to implement his ideas by doing projects in LEAD.

Every year because of global warming the temperature is increasing rapidly, the weather is at least raised by 1 degree Celsius on a global scale, and many people are suffering from dehydration and dying from sunstroke because of lack of consumption of sufficient drinking water which cause dehydration.

Summer water stall
Water Stall

So, LEADer Nataraj Puram Gupta and his CO-LEADers from Nizamabad  started Installation of summer water stall. His Project named “SUMMER WATER STALL “(i.e.., Challivendram). With his CO-LEADers on the concept of “EVERY DROP COUNTS….! Don’t waste the water!!…..” The main concept of this project is in every summer the temperature of his locality Nizamabad is near 43-46 degree Celsius which is considerably very high by global standards of weather. By keeping this water stands in the places where there is high density of population which would be helpful for people.  He says that “The main quality of LEADER is not only finding the problem but to ensure to solve the problem. “ He implemented this project at Rukmini Chambers’s premises where more people travel by. He says that that problem in their area has been solved and project is completed by the end of this summer. He got a lot of attention and appreciation from people. Especially his team and he is also happy that he has every resource and support provided by LEAD or his family

     His goal of this project was to save at least few lives who are in needy. And he really did a great job by installing water stalls. His project was successful in a way that it was done for 60 days i.e. 2 months. So per day the estimated count is around 70 -100 people. So it’s around 4,200-6,000 people were benefited and saved their lives because of his project.

The team behind this project

The most important thing he learnt during his project was ‘Solution for any typical problem is the first and foremost quality of an LEADER, We can build our life by doing good things to serve the society’ . His next plan is named as “DIGITAL NIZAMABAD” for which the ideas are going on continuing, and also he is creating a team in LEAD to make the project a grand success. We wish him and his CO-LEADers, All the very best for their future careers.

Written by: Pathan Roshan Khan

E-mail id : roshankhanpathan21@gmail.com

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