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My story: Suraj Nagare


“Do hard work and everything will pay you off!” quotes this LEADer whenever we ask him to speak about himself. He is one of those who have learnt the hardships through experience and looks to develop at every instance. Working at his full potential for the betterment of the society, he is LEADer Suraj Nagare. Suraj is currently an engineering student at Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi.

LEADer Suraj comes from a middle class family but proudly says they are the richest from their hearts. His father was in the army and hence that made an opportunity for Suraj to be all around India. He has looked to contribute himself socially since the beginning and thus everywhere he went, he became a part of a social club. When he discovered LEAD, he felt he was home. “There is no other social platform like LEAD”, stated LEADer Suraj.

An Orientation Program of the LEAD introduced LEADer Suraj to LEAD. A two hour long program out of which Suraj spent one whole hour thinking if LEAD was right for him. While he sat there listening to the former LEADers, thoughts like “is this a chance for me to meet new people? Is this a chance for me to develop myself? Is this a place to explore more?” Ironically, he paid 100 rupees to find all the answers.  A LEADer’s journey in LEAD begins with the projects. Suraj didn’t have much idea of Projects. He spoke to his ambassadors and understood that anything that you can do for someone else is a project. It may be small or big. You make someone happy, it is a project. You spend the whole day with someone, it is a project too. For two months, Suraj only watched other LEADers work. He learnt how LEAD works. His first project was a group project where a total of 60 LEADers went to the town Devgiri for beneficial projects. They accomplished more than 50 projects that day.


This day was the just the beginning for IMG_1296LEADer Suraj Nagare. Since then, LEADer Suraj has accomplished more than 25 individual projects and has been a part of more than 100 group projects. Through his projects, he has reached more than 10,000 people and has collected around 15,000 rupees for donation. One of his major project is one where he worked for the shopkeepers and the money he collected went directly to the orphanages and old age homes. Around 2000 notebooks were collected and distributed to the children too.




One turning point of the LEAD journey that LEADer Suraj experienced was when he got enrolled into LEAD Prayana. LEADer Suraj had no idea of what LEAD Prayana was, he was just asked to fill in the form by his senior. The recruitment for LEAD Prayana is by a phone interview and when Suraj went through it, his views totally changed. He was totally impressed by the type of question they asked him. He was certain that this journey would make him reach new horizons and thus he went into it. When asked about this journey he spoke, “In the 14 days Prayana journey, I realized it is a journey where you transform yourself from being a person of normal attitude to a person having a vision or a person who questions himself at every point of time. After Prayana I had 150 new friends along with 15 new mentors who were more over friends”.

In his journey at LEAD Prayana, LEADer Suraj learnt of the LEAD Ambassadors. Since then he has had one goal, to be a LEAD Ambassador. On knowing the procedures and the requirement for a LEAD Ambassador, he was been working for it. Since then, LEADer Suraj has got many of his juniors enrolled into LEAD by providing them the orientation for LEAD. He has taken many of his juniors on imitative drives and also helped many on their projects. LEADer Suraj was at a place where he didn’t know about LEAD and today he is one among the people who introduce others to LEAD and make them understand how it works and prepare for it. LEADer Suraj has been awarded as a Master LEADer and is on the path to become a LEAD Ambassador. Everyday his responsibilities grow and he grows as a strong person too.

The LEAD Journey has been a roller coaster ride for LEADer Suraj Nagare. Handling the LEAD projects and also the college has been the greatest job ever and he has learnt to simultaneously carry out both. When he looks back at his life today, he realizes he has taken over most his fears and got connection throughout the country. He is thankful to LEAD for giving him such a platform and such an opportunity to explore himself.

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