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My Story: Srujan Mara, Vijay Rural Engineering College



I was raised in a family where the priority was academics, and I had always excelled in this. However, I realized I also wanted to do something different than others who only ever focused on their schooling.

When I was at the beginning of my second year of college, I saw a LEAD orientation. While I was interested in the projects, what I was really interested in was their social media presence the social media team was spreading messages to so many students and I was interested in forming my identity online.When I joined LEAD, I got involved with many group projects, including a primary education census, old clothes distribution, and the Recognizing the Unrecognized event for IWD. The latter event was very inspiring to me, as one woman who we presented a certificate of appreciation to, a cleaner at a bus stop who had been working for 15 years there, cried tears of joy as no one had ever gave her attention for her work before.


I have also been fortunate to take part in many LEAD programs. I took part in LEAD Prayana 2014, where I was exposed to many successful students whom i learned a lot from and who pushed me to think what is possible beyond Nizamabad. I also got exposure to many inspiring role models, something not common in Nizamabad, and learned to be confident in order to stand up and ask the role models questions. This confidence and their answers have helped me during my leadership journey.

Also in 2014, I participated in LLP. this non-academic program taught me skills I couldnt learn in the college, and I learned so much even just from my fellow students. Spontaneous activities and team-building helped me build both interpersonal and problem solving skills.A great opportunity for me was taking part in the month-long Design Thinking workshop in 2014 in Hubballi with Mr. Rajan Patel. This workshop was put on by Deshpande Foundations Sandbox Sandbox, and it was was got me interested in entrepreneurship and on the path I am today.

However, the biggest opportunity for me has becoming a Social Media Intern for LEAD. I am able to combine my love and passion for social media and the positive mission of LEAD. As the feedback and reactions are instant, I have worked on my problem solving skills as well as developing long term strategies. I joined the LEAD social media team in 2014, was promoted to a part-time Intern in 2015 and I now currently completing 4 months as a full-time Intern. I am not only following my passion, but adding real work experience to my resume.

Above all the amazing experiences and skills I learned, including dramatically boosting my confidence, I have formed an amazing network of like-minded individuals who are now some of my best friends, and inspire me to keep working hard to achieve my dreams!
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