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My story: Saurabh M Rawal


A person who has the social motive in him from his childhood makes one of the best LEADers. Saurabh M Rawal, a student at KLS perusing Mechanical Engineering comes from a very supportive family. He grew up at Mumbai and takes pride for being elected as the School President at his school twice consecutively. This only proves that being a leader was his gift and he is exponentially growing it in him. He is a person who is always interested in helping people and social work for the society. With a constant support from his parents, they sure have raised a great leader.

When LEADer Saurabh joined his college, he wanted to be a part of a club, small or big, that works to improve the society. Fortunately, he found LEAD. At the orientation program conducted at his college, he found LEAD to be inspiring and motivating to any student. He was sure this was where he had to be. He believed that, with the help of LEAD, he could build himself to be a better person.

LEADer Saurabh began his journey with projects as how every LEADers begin their journey. His first project was a group project where all LEADers visited a nearby village, Khadarvadi. The LEADers took responsibility to clean the government schools. They even taught the students to be disciplined, to keep their surrounding clean and tidy. The LEADers even painted the bus stops at the village. This was a point where LEADer Saurabh learnt how LEAD works. The LEADers sat with the people of the village and discussed the problems they faced. LEADers came up with the best solutions and helped them achieve too. The LEADers had a lot to learn from this project and LEADer Saurabh was lucky to be among them. One of the main thing that LEADers learn from their experience at LEAD is to tackle their studies along with the co-curricular activities. LEADer Saurabh has learnt this from the very beginning.


LEADer Saurabh has been a part of major projects too. He has worked for the very festive Daan Utsav. It is a week observed where the LEADers donate everything to poor and needy require. Every year many are benefitted by this activity. Over hundreds of people were befitted this year. LEADers donated food, clothes, books and many more essential things. During the LEAD Exodus event conducted at KLS GIT, an amount of over 50,000 was collected. It was a huge milestone as this whole amount goes to the benefits to the poor people.


With every day passing in LEAD, a LEADer has a lot to learn and makes sure he does it. LEADer Saurabh speaks of how much he has developed himself. He has become confident at whatever decision he makes. He can now stay calm and deal with any difficult situation that arises. His efforts and works has certainly paid off. He has been awarded as the Master LEADer at the 2017 LEAD Valedictory at Belagavi. He was also a part of the best performing college for LEAD.

Award at LEAD Valedictory 2017

One of the most memorable moment at LEAD for LEADer Saurabh is when he attended LEAD Talks at Yuva Summit 2017. The speech that Deshpande Sir gave is still striking to him. He felt the happiest when he was awarded as a Master LEADer.

“LEAD is not just about helping people, it is more about what we students learn from it”, says LEADer Saurabh M Rawal. He is proud to be a part of such an organisation and promises to make a difference through his work.

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