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My Story : Santosh Biradar


The precious diamond is obtained by mining through hurdles!!

I first heard of LEAD while I still wasn’t even associated with it. I had been to a cafe to do some work and that is when I met a friend. He was busy with a meeting and later when I went over to say hello he explained that he had been working with LEAD. Soon I enrolled myself too.I soon found that my passion was to work in education field.whenever I went to my teachers for help, I barely got any support. But my determination to provide young people with more support was unshaken.

Throughout my time with LEAD I mentored over 100 different students at 4 colleges. I organized numerous different projects, such as computer literacy training for 200 underprivileged students, which earned me the Best Education Award in 2014, as well as developing a program for struggling students to guide them back into the classroom.


Interaction with the kids

I also learned about the value of effective altruism through LEAD. I was passing out sweets in an orphanage for one project when I noticed one of the children had thrown his treats away. At first, I was angry later I asked him why he had done such a thing. He explained that dozens of people come often and distribute sweets but no one one stayed up and played with them nor taught them anything of use. This experience inspired me to develop a life skills program for the orphanage, as well as put in a drawing competition.


Sweet Distribution to kids
Drawing competition










I was awarded the Best LEAD Ambassador Award for my efforts. LEAD helped build my confidence and also work predominantly on my communication skills. Throughout the program, I was able to build up my abilities. This Yuva summit I was also nominated for the LEAD talk.



Snaps of LEAD talk

My crowning achievement was co-authoring a book in English which was regarding raising awareness about HIV. I am so glad to give back to my community through this platform LEAD, this program has helped me to grow immeasurably. I am now working as an Intern in LEAD. I hope to continue to make an impact through my work with the program.




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