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My Story: LEADer Sangita


The work of former LEADers becomes an inspiration to young LEADers. LEAD videos on various social media find their way to people around the world. These videos educate, publicize, bring awareness, and also inspire a few. One of those inspired by the videos is LEADer Sangita Patil. She is a student at the A.A. Patil Women’s College in Chikkodi. During the orientation program that was conducted at her college, she enrolled into LEAD.IMG_20161106_105647

LEADer Sangita began her LEAD projects with the “Hindi Day” project. She went to schools around her college and spoke of how important is one’s national language. She also conducted various competitions. She made the children aware of the importance of a national language. One must make an effort to learn it. If not, then one must show respect towards it. LEADer Sangita has also been a part of various other small projects such as the “Independence Day” celebration, conducting competitions in schools etc. She has also worked on large projects such as an open defecation survey at a neighboring village. She and her team surveyed and thus advocated for the construction of toilets at that place. She has also worked on the “Women’s Day” celebration where LEADers distributed certificates to honor the working class women in our society. Borgav village ‘s toilet construction is another project she has worked on. LEADers surveyed the village and then filed for the construction of toilets for each person in the village.IMG_20161105_131917



LEADers often come across various problems and the main learning for a student in LEAD is to tackle such problems. LEADer Sangita faced such situations. She has been targeted by many comments where she was being criticised to work under LEAD. Even with such comments, she showed how LEAD is helping in her life and also making a difference in the world. She has transformed herself under LEAD. She explains how before, she would ignore any problem she faced but after joining LEAD, she has learned to solve any problem. She overcame her stage fright. Before, she would not speak much to anyone but now she has learned to speak publicly too.




LEADer Sangita Patil is a big dreamer and she works to complete her dreams. She has found the right platform to do so. She visits an orphanage and she is hoping to make every child there a LEADer so that they make a life for themselves. She is happy to be a part of LEAD and is looking to create wonders.

Written by: Amruth R S


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