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My Story: LEADer Sandesh Bosale


Few accidents create marvellous journeys. One such happened to LEADer Sandesh Bosale, an engineering student at KLS GIT Belagavi. An aspiring student who is now a LEADer.

LEAD orientation programs bring a lot of LEADers every year. During the LEAD orientation program conducted at KLS GIT College, Sandesh Bosale joined LEAD without knowing the treasures it will be giving him. It was just within few days that Sandesh Bosale became a part of a project. A project that would be the start to the exciting projects ahead. They had a brainstorming camp at Khadarwadi. He and his fellow LEADers recognised and raised the problems faced at that village. They wrote a letter about the problems faced by the villagers to the chairman. Hygiene and sanitation were the primary aspects in the project. They created awareness of the same to the villagers. The villagers even showed gratitude to the LEADers, they offered a cup of tea to every LEADer working on the project.


Kargil Vijay Diwas was celebrated all over India and the same was organized in KLS GIT by the LEADers and Sandesh Bosale was a part of it. The LEADers imbibed a sense of freedom and independence in the younger generation. A candle march was also done and the best part was where the participants of the candle march were the students of Arsh Vidya Ashram. Parents of the children appreciated LEADers for such a move.





70th Independence Day found a new title by the LEADer Sandesh Bosale. LEADers celebrated the day under the name “Azaadi ‘70”. LEADers visited many govt. schools that day and conducted various competitions such as drawing, essay writing etc. the events were successful and all the winners received their awards from Vittal Yalagi, a Freedom Fighter.

Daan utsav
Daan utsav


Many successful projects followed later such as Social Dias, Diya selling, Social movie making etc. Many students took part in the events, and all the winners were awarded and appreciated on a special occasion conducted as “evening of appreciation”.

Daan Utsav, a week of giving was celebrated by LEADers in Belagavi and LEADer Sandesh Bosale was a huge part of it. He and his fellow LEADers collected around 600kg of grains, clothes, and text books to donate to various orphanages and old age homes around the city. Even a day meal was prepared by the LEADers at the Arsh Vidya Ashram for the students over there. In addition to this, over 500 paper bags were distributed to the markets locally by the LEADers. An initiative was taken by the LEADers to even celebrate the birthday of Legendary Bhagat Singh at Arsh Vidya Ashram with over 40 students.

“I am so fortunate to be a part of LEAD”, says LEADer Sandesh Bosale who feels very lucky to be a part of the LEAD kick-off event of LEAD Prayana at VTU. He worked for the creativity team and was also selected for the Prayana 2017. When asked how his experience was, he replied, “It was the greatest trip of my life. My favourite place was Dharamshala. I am very much inspired by the place. Dr. Virendra Hegde Sir was the best. I loved the way they organised SKDRDP, Siri and the 100 acres land. Special attraction was Annapurna, where we had the best meal ever. I bet no one will ever come out hungry out of that place. Many more place that we visited were awesome. Mysore, Infosys, Microsoft and many more exciting places and to end it off, the Agastya International Foundation at Kuppam”.


LEADer Sandesh Bosale is part of the college to earn the best performing college award at the Yuva Summit 2017. He was awarded as the Master LEADer at the LEAD Valedictory 2017 conducted at Belagavi.

Written by: Amruth Savadi

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