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My Story: LEADer Nikita Chougala


For few, social activity is in their blood, as in their parents are also involved in social activity and hence inspiration comes from home. LEADer Nikita Chougala is very lucky to be born in such a family where her dad is an active social worker. An enthusiast by heart, LEADer Nikita dreams to make her father proud. She states that her father must be known by her rather than she being known by her father. LEADer Nikita is a student at A A Patil Women’s College Chikkodi. She found the perfect opportunity to be a social worker too through LEAD. In the orientation program conducted at her college, she enrolled into LEAD and thus her journey started.


LEADer Nikita has found her way to her projects through observations. She is playful student who would just notice the things around for fun, she attended YUVA SUMMIT at Hubli for an entertainment purpose but that day changed her way in looking at things. She observed all the projects showcased and dreamt of being there in the position of a LEADer who is being recognized by his projects. She challenged herself into getting an award when she would attend YUVA SUMMIT the next time.


With big dreams in her mind, LEADer Nikita began her projects with a bang. At her village, the path that leads to various crop lands had no light source during the night. All farmers carry portable lamps or tie a torch to their head to find their way into the fields during the night. This was a huge problem to them. She decided to take an initiative to build lights poles throughout the path. This is an ongoing project she is working on. She has worked on another project to supply water. She has worked on various other smaller projects which include conducting projects at schools, celebrating national holidays at villages etc.


LEADer Nikita proudly states that she has had a lot to learn from LEAD. Throughout her journey she has improved herself in a great manner. She explains how she would not speak her teachers or principal in a right manner, she now speaks to all of them in an elegant manner. She has come out of stage fear and now speak on a stage for hours confidently. She has developed her communication skills profoundly. This journey that she is on, still has a lot to teach.


LEADer Nikita Chougala has been awarded as the best LEADer at the YUVA SUMMIT 2017. Her project “shelter” has also received the best project award. She is looking to bag more awards. Her ongoing projects have a sure percentage of success. She is more than thankful to take her ideas to another level under LEAD.

Written by: Amruth R S


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