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My Story: LEADer Ankita Pawar


The happiest people lose themselves into the service of others. Driven by the same force, Ankita Pawar, student at A.A. Patil Women’s College in Chikkodi, joined LEAD after hearing about the many opportunities they offered. Since her childhood, she felt responsible to help society and found great interests in social work but a lack of opportunities kept her anchored.P_20160711_130406

LEADers at every college take responsibility in celebrating the national holidays such as the Republic day, Independence day etc. Ankita Pawar used to visit A.A. Patil Women’s College in Chikkodi during such celebrations as LEADers from Chikkodi gathered there to celebrate national holidays. It was then that Ankita Pawar got introduced to LEAD. She observed the girls wearing the LEAD t-shirts and was inspired by them. When she joined the college the next year, the very first thing she did was join LEAD.

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Take small steps every day and one day you will get there. LEADer Ankita began her journey with small projects. She conducted competitions in her hostel for the girls. Activities such as Quiz, Mehndi, drawing etc. were included. Her first major project was “Senior Citizenship”. In her project she collected information from the depot, like what kind of documents are required and then transmitted the same to the people. She visited several houses to speak to the people and to collect documents. She had to submit them back to the depot. She faced several problems as a few people could not submit the documents. To solve this, she also had to pay a visit to the politician there. “Prevention of Environmental Pollution”, a project selected for the best project of the year, was one which LEADer Ankita Pawar was a part of. To prevent the usage of plastic bags in her city, she and her team decided to make cloth bags. To get the materials, they went to the houses of many people and collected waste clothes. They then sewed them to make the bags. They worked on this project on their free time of the college or during the afterhours of the college. After the completion of the bags, they went to several houses and not only distributed but also informed the people on the importance of such bags. They even showed the people how such bags can be prepared. Around 1000 bags had been prepared by the team and it is still an ongoing project.

One of the character traits that makes a person a LEADer is facing a challenge and overcoming it. LEADer Ankita has faced many challenges during her projects and she has not only overcome them but has also learnt to make sure she doesn’t face them again.


The journey in LEAD teaches every LEADers as many things as possible. Many character traits are developed in oneself in this journey. LEADer Ankita proudly says that she has overcome her fear of talking to strangers or talking to a crowd. She explains how it was impossible for her to break the ice with people around her before and now how she has completely changed.

LEADer Ankita Pawar now looks at LEAD as a completely different organization and loves to work under such a platform. She is very grateful to be a part of LEAD today.

Written by: Amruth R S


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