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My Story: LEADer Amey Joshi


The thing about inspiration is that it takes your mind off everything else

An inspiration from a LEADer is what set off Amey Sandeep Joshi, an engineering student at KLS GIT Belagavi, to start one of the best expeditions in his life. LEAD spreads itself through LEAD Orientation Programs every year. LEADer Amey Joshi found his place through the orientation program. He states that he still recollects the speech given by LEADer Akshay Mohite. It was that speech that made Amey Joshi be a LEADer today.

Bus stop painting project

LEADer Amey Joshi began his journey with the project ‘Khadarwadi Drive’. He was convoyed by many other young and passionate LEADers. Being his project, he was very thrilled on this project. He educated the people from the place about innumerable government schemes they didn’t know about and would be obliging to them. He along with his fellow LEADers cleaned bus stops over that place. They then painted a school too. Various small projects followed after this.





Project at government schools



LEAD Exodus is a college level fest that is conducted by LEAD having several technical and non-technical events. LEADer Amey Joshi describes how this was the first fest he had ever attended. He even took part in many events. The fest helped him get connected to many people. As an outcome of Exodus, LEAD CELL GIT decided to prepare few low cost science models under the guidance of experts from Agastya Foundation. Science labs were set up at neighbouring schools too. Amey was a part of the team learning from the experts too.




Azaadi 70 project

A tree plantation drive followed the ‘make your own lab’ project. Azaadi ’70, initiated by the ministry of govt. of India dragged LEADer Amey too. He and his team conducted essay and drawing competitions at schools. Around 4000 school students from 110 govt. schools were a part of it. This was the first time Amey was in the organising team. The experience taught the LEADer of the responsibilities one must endure when conducting an event. During the joy of giving week, LEADer Amey was a part of the Daan Utsav. They helped in collecting clothes, grains from the people and donate it to the poor and needy around the city.



Tree plantation project

LEAD CELL GIT got an opportunity to host the Kick Off 2017 event and LEADer Amey and his friends worked day and night to make the event successful. Kick Off 2017 was indeed a successful event. The LEADers were appreciated for their work. Many other projects have followed LEADer Amey Joshi in his two years of his presence in LEAD. He hopes to be involved in many more projects in the coming years. Amey has received many Appreciation Certificates and he is proud to be the owner of them. One of the moments he cherishes is when he received the certificate from Rtd. Judge Arvind Pachapure.

LEADer Amey Sandeep Joshi has been promoted to Master LEADer. He realises that his responsibilities have increased but he promises to work harder and keep them up. LEADer Amey Joshi states, “LEAD has given me friends for lifetime. I was an introvert before joining LEAD but LEAD has boosted my confidence. I would thank Vikram sir, Absar sir, and all of my co-LEADers for always believing in me. It was a great experience to work under LEAD”.

Written by: Amruth Savadi

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