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My Story: LEAD Alumnus Satya Phanindra Saibewar



I’m Satya Phanindra Saibewar, and currently I’m working as an associate at Amazon Development Center, India for in the role of assisting the customers and business partners of the amazon from North America and Canada via emails.

First of all let me thank the Deshpande foundation, LEAD, Kakatiya Sandbox and all my mentors like Mr. Amrut Patil, Mr. Raju Reddy, Mr. Phanindra Sama and many others, who helped me to reach the pinnacles in LEAD.

When I was asked to submit a My Story for LEAD, I really felt immense happiness for bringing me into the mainstream and for giving the opportunity to thank the Deshpande Foundation, LEAD, Kakatiya Sandbox, and all my mentors.

My childhood was comprised of lots of hurdles and learnings, including the loss of my late father, much loved and a courageous policeman, when I was 5 years old. Then my mother was everything to me and I was everything for her. From that day until now, she did everything for me.

It was in primary school that I realized the joy of learning, and became interested in understanding the world and listening to the current event through the news under the mentoring of my mother. This love of learning and the support from my mother never weakened, and in my SSC, I was one of the toppers in my district and was offered a free college education.

Even though the next years would be difficult as I went to college and my mother’s health was struggling, my involvement with the Divine Swadhayaay transformed my life.
These all Divine thoughts impacted a lot on me built the utmost faith in me for God and helped me to stand strong in any tough situations. I feel very happy to say that the Swadhyaay Parivar has impacted millions of the lives irrespective of caste, creed and religion and among those millions, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also one.

I started pursuing my engineering graduation in the year of 2011 and passed out successfully in 2015.While engineering was never my thought, as from my childhood I was very interested towards the society and its sufferings, I didn’t know before that even I could solve the problems of society through technology.

Initially, my enthusiasm and attentiveness were observed and recognized by one of our mathematics faculty at the college, who was the mentor of my class and he promoted me as a class representative.
This enhanced the interpersonal skills and strengthened the roots of confidence in myself. It also helped me to start enhancing my leadership skills.

On a fine day, when I was in the second year of my engineering college, the HOD entered into our class and said there is a session in the seminar hall and we have to attend it. Most of us rather being excited, felt that this is also might be some kind of session where any of the private institutes might visit to promote their business.But It was completely different. There were the people from Deshpande Foundation LEAD after this session I felt like this is something which can help me to put forward the zeal in me to do something for the society.

 From the first time I went there to LEAD I felt very inspired, but my energy and enthusiasm got boosted each time I met another LEAD staff or team member, and even more so when I visited Hubballi. I gained tons of positive energy and unleash my leadership potential to take the social initiatives and solving the problems of the people around.

My batch mates at LEAD were not only just my fellow students but today they all are my divine brothers and sisters, who look into my personal life when I’m facing any problem and says that they are with me. Even they call me frequently for seeking assistance in some cases and I love to guide them, with whatever the knowledge I’m blessed with.After volunteering for a Valedictory in 2013, I was inspired by the work of my friends and the recognition they received.

From then, I never looked back and capitalized my weekends and the nonproductive time at my college where mass bunks by the students were very common and unfortunate. I would travel on the local bus to Nizamabad and build up my teammates from various colleges with my support and guidance. 

 My projects and leadership which I displayed helped me to evolve into the Best Leader 2015 which was never expected by them, till the moment my name was uttered from Ajay sir who was on the dais of the YUVA summit. Touching the foot of the HUMANITARIAN PERSON OF THE NATION and Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi Ji was an unforgettable moment of my life. A response email from Kailash Satyarthi Ji from my email one month after Yuva Summit, appreciating me, is a lifetime achievement for me for now.

Taking part in Lead talk 2015 and getting tremendous applauses for my efforts helped me to boost my self-motivation abilities to 100 more times, and being a part of Lead Prayana 2015 for a few days was an unforgettable time in my life.

Thanks a lot to God, my parents (especially my mother), my divine brothers of Swadhyaay, Dadaji, my beloved friends at college, and all those who helped me throughout my journey.

I’m thankful to God for blessing me with all these, especially the relation which I had with LEAD.



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