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My Story: B. Anvesh Kumar, GS College of Engineering and Technology, Nizamabad



Growing up, I received many awards in my schooling, including a scholarship to and eventually “best student award” in my private college after attending a government school. However, my journey with LEAD did not start until my second year of my B.Tech at Gnyana Saraswathi College of Engineering And Technology, Nizamabad. Before I joined LEAD I was interested to do social service but was I waiting for the opportunity to come to me. When I joined LEAD, I learned that opportunity won’t come to your door… you need to seek it out.

 After my completing some of my early initiatives, I got a chance of being a part of LLP (LEAD Leadership Program) in Hubballi. I learned lots of things like time management, leadership skills, and was lucky enough to visit Akshaya Patra, the world’s biggest kitchen. Soon after these 10 days spent with LEADers from areas outside my own, I saw that transformation inside me after meeting my fellows and college staff when I returned home.

Through my initiatives and active participation I was promoted to a Telangana LEAD Ambassador and also got the chance to work with LEAD as an Intern. I have also participated in LEAD Prayana 2015, attended the “Design Thinking” workshop in Hubballi with Mr. Adithya Pasupuleti, and feel lucky to have had the chance to co-organize and volunteer at many LEAD events.

 Of my many projects, I feel the proudest of the Swatch
Nizamabad and Safety First projects. However, I have faced resistance, including people suggesting I simply focus on my studies and if there is a problem in the community, leave it for the government to solve. However, I had to tell people, India is my home and therefore I feel compelled to solve the problem of my home. If the government is not taking action, I can do my small part to improve my home. After me telling them this, they are much more supportive and appreciative of my work.

Safety First: I feel that every kid is an upcoming leader, so I started guiding school students about the traffic rules. I have so far I reached 200+ students of my 2000 student goal.

 Swatch Nizamabad: Along with 25 of my co-LEADers, we cleaned from the railway station to the bus stand of Nizamabad, and within 3 hours we completed this project. While doing this project, people around us started supporting by joining their hands with us, and our project was telecasted in the local media for 45 minutes.

LEAD has shown me the importance of speaking to everyone, even the poor whom I was hesitant to interact with before. Now I speak to all the members of my society and have gained the leadership skills to make my community better. I hope to eventually become an entrepreneur with my own software company and to contribute to making India a cleaner and greener place, starting with my community and my city.

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