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My Story – Azmat Patel


Inspiration is everywhere around us, we just need to watch and pick carefully

LEADer Azmat Patel from Chikkodi, Karnataka, is one such person who picked his inspiration from his surroundings. His soul was sparked from the blind children on his way to college. He spent some amount of his time with these children and then was later introduced to LEAD in his college. LEAD interested him as soon as he heard it and thus a great revolution began in him.

LEADer Azmat comes from a very loving family of four. He is currently pursuing his BBA in VMS College at Nippani. Orientation program of LEAD helped and inspired him to be a part of LEAD. He was one among those puzzled students who dont know what and how LEAD works. LEAD Program Managers are the best resource for such students to help them connect and begin with LEAD. With the help of his teachers, LEADer Azmat could begin his journey of LEAD with simple projects leading to bigger ones.

IMG-20180115-WA0043On the day of 15th August, LEADer Azmat set his first milestone with a project. He taught the importance of our national anthem at schools. On this morning, he helped the children understand the concept behind the date and also celebrated by hoisting the national flag. His second project was a very interactive one. He taught craft to children. This brings out the creative side of the children and help them learn and also unleash their hidden talent. One of his major project is, plantation at his college.

To help people understand of the grave danger our Earth is in and the solutions to it, he started the Plantations project. He planted a sapling in his college ground.


One of the best things in LEAD is that you not only get to learn but also make many friends. You get connected to people from all the parts of the country, stated LEADer Azmat when asked about the best thing about LEAD.

Written by: Amruth Savadatti

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