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My story: Asharani Mopar


There are few who find the driving force in their life through the happiness of others. They key to their happiness in serving the needy. One of such is LEADer Asharani Mopgar who is presently a B.Com student at A A Patil Women’s College Chikkodi. She is one who always wanted to involve herself in social activities and she had no support, LEAD gave it to her. LEADer Asharani clearly remembers how LEADer Vikram Sir expressed the works of LEAD in the orientation program at her college. LEAD was what she looked for in her whole life and she joined instantly when it came to her.

LEADer Asharani began with simple and small projects, conducting competitions at schools for the children, making awareness of discipline, cleanliness, extra-curricular activities and many more. She made sure every student knew the importance of each national day and thus celebrated at the schools. The initial projects are where LEADers learn before moving onto the big ones. Communicating with the public, convincing the opposite, coming up with ideas, solving every hurdle and working as a team. LEADer Asharani told how important these small projects to a LEADer are.



Major projects that LEADer Asharani has involved herself are ‘senior citizenship’, ‘blood checking camp’, ‘women’s day celebration’ and many more. LEADer Asharani feels proud to be a part of the women’s day celebration where the LEADers appreciated the working class women through a certificate as the token of appreciation. One of the major project is ‘open defecation survey’. In this project LEADers conducted survey in the neighbouring village where no proper sanitation was provided and people had to defecate in the open areas. The LEADers informed the villagers about all the schemes that are available for them for setting up toilets. LEADers collected information from each and every person and reached the same to the government. LEADer Asharani explained this was one of the tough project she handled. She had to face many problems in the process. There were many people who did not have the required documents. There were few who had the documents but were not willing to submit. They did not trust their documents into someone’s hands easily as the nation was setback with a problem at that time: Demonetization. The LEADers had to find other ways to gain trust from the people. They gave in all they can and the project was successful too that it went ahead to be selected as the best project of the year. Through this project, they reached over 5000 people and benefitted them.


The journey in LEAD has made LEADer Asharani a wonderful person today. She claims to have changed herself in her personality and acquired many good characteristics. She can now speak confidently in public, she has learned to be a great team worker. She has overcome her stage fear and learnt to communicate to any stranger. LEADer Asharani is looking to work on bigger projects in LEAD. She someday dreams to work in LEAD as a member.

Written by: Amruth Savdatti

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