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My Story: Arya Roshan, SHEPA Varanasi

My name is Arya Roshan, and I’m a BBA student from SHEPA College Varanasi, My father is a teacher, and since I was a child, I wanted to make the change in the society in a positive way like my father.However, I needed some support, then my classmate Abhishek told me about LEAD and LEAD provide me that platform.
I joined LEAD in March 2015, and I have participated in many projects as like Ganga cleaning, women appreciation, Nukkad Drama. From these projects, I learned that you can make a change in society, even at little-to-no cost. I no longer feel like the only person who wants to make a change: I am surrounded by other students who have the same goals and support me, and who have become great friends to me.
My individual project is “Signature Complain”. The idea of this project came from an Adhar Card Camp, where people who work in the camp were misbehaving with the illiterate people because they didn’t know how to do a signature and fill forms. I was also inspired by the work of another LEADer because in his project many of the villagers were having to learn a signature in order to sign up for a bank account for his project. Then I realized that I must teach them to make their signature. I went to my papa and asked him about the easy way to teach signature.


When I went in a village for starting the project, I faced many problems. No one was coming forward to learn signature, but at that time, an old lady came forward and told me that she wanted to go to school but there were some problems she had, so she didn’t go to school. She was the first lady who learned to do signature from me, and now I have taught 94 people how to do the signature. This project and each and every project make me happy.

In 2015, I went to Hubballi for LEAD Leadership Program (LLP) and I met so many different kinds of people and made friends of all kinds: different areas, different languages, different interests. I also met many inspiring role models and improved my leadership skills so much in just 10 short days.
LEAD transform me from a shy student to a LEADer and gave me a LEADership qualities. I met many fellow LEADers who I have learned from, and many LEAD staff members who have taught me excellent skills.
“You can change the world if you care enough”
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