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My Story : Arpit Srivastav


Efforts and Knowledge when act parallels to each other then only it gives birth to a positive potential in which patience play an important role. The Past is a phenomenon which builds an infrastructure of human mind and souls. Same happened with me, I was just an average laborious boy who gave much effort but perceives less output. I was unable to learn or grasp things easily, my life was an autumn season, and I had to wait for more to get perfect results. Yes, I had faced many failures in my life and thus to complete my goal I had left so many hobbies which I want to achieve as a professional. Today I am standing in the category of researchers and scientist who are giving their positive efforts for enhancing biotechnology in India but still hidden in mass.

I, Arpit Srivastava from Varanasi pursuing M. Tech in Biotechnology from Lovely Professional University, Co – founder of Garden on Concrete; I am a LEADer from Ek Soch Sandbox. My aim is to inculcate myself in clinical human research with enhancing teaching skills. I had done 12 projects in LEAD and reached to 1500 people with a positive impact on society. Love, Truth, and Support are my biggest strength which helps me to act with an honest attempt.

After my graduation, I was placed in AGATI HEALTHCARE Pvt. Ltd. at Indian Institute of Technology (Malviya center for Incubation Innovation and Entrepreneurship) – Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi on the post of Research Scientist. I was happy with my job, every student has a dream to get the job/post which he/she likes most, I was in wonder that yes my efforts finally gave me a great output. Once in my office campus Mr. Ajay Suman sir came for the LEAD orientation program, it was not just the coincidence because EK SOCH SANDBOX office was just beside to my office, I daily used tIMG-20170308-WA0012o observe the things happening in ESS office but I was unable to communicate more because I was busy with my research. In that orientation Ajay Sir said a statement that “Your actions, research will only get complete when it gives benefit to society directly or indirectly…your name should be there as an ideal”; this statement forced me to think that what research and what dream I had set was limited just up to me as I haven’t focus that what society is demanding from people like us. I had discussed the whole thing with my father as he is a Doctorate in Social Work, he told me that everything is related to society, everyone is working for society since many years. He told me that “Society makes a country, the country doesn’t make a society”; both the statements were really touching and my introspection translated it in a way that I was eager to join LEAD. But, according to rules and regulations, I was not the part of college thus I was unable to get in touch. I had decided to enter in this field at any cost, I had made a meeting with Ajay sir and he understand my mindset, he gave me an opportunity in the way that I can work voluntarily in LEAD. I was satisfied with the decision and thus whenever I get leisure time I used to understand the concept and working of LEAD. Slowly, I started putting my effort in LEAD also with my job.

After 1 year when I left my job, I was a free bird to work in LEAD with full enthusiasm and motivation. At that time Mr. Avishek was the program manager and I was joined as Media intern in LEAD. Being a media intern I had took many responsibilities, in which initially I had faced obstacles and I had made many mistakes. But, by doing mistakes only a person learns and yes I was doing the same. Today also I am not a continuous part of ESS but I am a part in a partial way.

SAMANVAY was my first project. This means to make a get together with joyful experiences. The objective of this project was to make college youth students well aware and experience about Soft Skills. As in my graduations, I had received so many awards in soft skills sessions. TIMG_20160312_101617hus, I had improvised my talent for those students who haven’t any idea about the importance of soft skills. I was working as a research scientist at that time, I was unable to get leisure time to perform task in LEAD, but I utilized Sundays for my project; Initially when youth of Varanasi had joined LEAD, I had made a survey that most of the students doesn’t have hands-on learning in Soft skills, thus I had made a target and occupy certain location for project implementation. When youth joins, friendship acts a lot. I had made many friends during my initial journey of LEAD and in my city now I had friends. I had made a group and discussed with them about soft skills by giving them live examples, there were happy that someone was taking initiative from them. But, the final impact was not up to the mark because of my busy schedule and my work. I was feeling upset but, LEAD has always given me second chance.

AADHAR, SATH, IWD 17, Zika Virus towards Medicine – were such projects I had done on a large scale, it happened when I enter into the system after I had left my job. Those projects were totally built on a concept of solving issues of society on an individual basis. The project AADHAR was close to my heart just because I had put my extra efforts and improvised my skills by these projects. I had learned about public speaking, negotiation with government authorities and LEADership skills. I had also mentored many LEADers in their projects like SAAKHI and SHIKSHA bank was personally mentored by me so that remaining LEADers must understand the value of their projects and its output. So in this way, I had contributed my life in LEADIMG-20170308-WA0008 and today also I am continuing because LEAD has given me those incredible gifts and moments which I had never received in my city. I had also participated in many events of LEAD like Yuva summit, LEAD Summit, LEAD Valedictory, LLP, LLC, and Development Dialogue. During my LEAdership journey, I had made positive relations with a team from Karnataka. Now, I have friends from that state which is very from Varanasi. Thus, I had made good networks and global friendship which always helped me in many situations.

After completing 2 years in LEAD, with many projects, positive outcomes, participation and volunteer works, I had received the biggest award of LEAD that is LEAD Ambassador and Best LEADer award in LV 2017 in Ek Soch Sandbox. In Yuva Summit 2016 my project was selected for the showcase. So, in this way, my framework in LEAD helped me to understand again that continuous efforts always give pure and sublime results the only thing is required a positive mindset.

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My objective is to work in medical research with my technical skills so to provide a better future to society because healthcare is a sector in which our country has to work a lot and this is the best way to serve society. I believe that in LEAD youth must “COME TO LEARN & GO TO SERVE…” Being in LEAD, now I am trying to join Lovely Professional University students so that they can also get such humble and outstanding opportunities and can see the world from real eyes.

Written by- Arpit Srivastav

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