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Solar Eclipse – A beautiful natural phenomena.


Eclipses are one of the natural phenomena that occur in space and these are the part of nature. Solar eclipse is when the portion of the Earth is engulfed in the shadow cast by the Moon which partially blocks sunlight. This occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth in a single alignment.

Students viewing solar eclipse

In India, since, many generations there are many myths and blind beliefs like people should do not come out of their home so they stay back at home by leaving all their work and even, children are made to stay at the home. Other beliefs like not to eat food and have water during the eclipse are also some of the myths and blind beliefs of the people. 

On Thursday 26TH of December the SOLAR ECLIPSE took place in the morning (9am to 11.05am). LEADer Koushik.B.R from Chitradurga came up with the initiative of setting up the small observation panel for public with the coordination “BREAKTHROUGH SCIENCE SOCIETY”, Chitradurga to make aware people about myths and blind beliefs.

Leader Koushik setup a small observation panel in the KABIRANDASHRAMA School, Chitradurga with the help of school staff. He arranged the sun filter films to see the eclipse in process and setup the telescopes for observation. He conducted the seminar for school students to aware them about the false beliefs. He taught them the natural process of eclipse in a scientific way and even told the people to come out of home and go for their work instead of wasting the time. Later, he took students for observation of the solar eclipse and along with the students, parents, staff and others who joined for the observation of solar eclipse. More the 300 people have enjoyed the movements of solar eclipse.

LEADer Koushik said “It was a just small step towards society, by  eradicating the myths and blind beliefs in society”. It was a great experience for him to  arrange the small observation panel for people and he learned that a small step can make a big chance in society.

Written by: Swaroop Kotagi

Email ID: swaroopkotagi29@gmail.com

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