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Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship Students Make Rural Villages Smart
In recent years the Indian Government has set out to make cities in India smarter. What does smarter mean well in the case of the Indian government it means having holistic rural towns. To be smart, the city must be relatively problem free. The problems indicated by the government are concerning macro-level issues such as safety, having access to palatable water and many more. Although this is a widespread ideal here in Karnataka, there are still many villages struggling to be smart.


The Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship Students have taken the Smart City movement as a challenge has taken upon themselves to help create Smart Cities in Karnataka. One might ask themselves “Where do you start?” Well, the fellows started by doing it all. The team addressed the following problems cleanliness, street lighting, road development, water supply management, plantation, teaching signature, digital awareness, sanitation, health camp, drainage, and power supply in the village of 9 different villages in Karnataka. Needless to say, they have done a lot for the villages they serve. The people have been very thankful and have had their lives improved significantly since the fellowship students have arrived.

This is just the start, the team plans on moving forward with this project and scaling it to the rest of Karnataka. They hope to create the first ever Smart Province here in Karnataka, one village at a time. Logistically this task might seem daunting, but this team is taking it slow and doing it one job at a time. Today one village tomorrow all of India!
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