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A small step towards awareness of women hygiene!


IMG-20180401-WA0004In a country where women have reach the frontiers of space, basic necessities such as access to clean drinking water, toilets, basic education, fundamental knowledge and products for feminine hygiene are still unavailable to women in rural areas.

Women’s hygiene in India has always been a topic that has courted a lot of controversy and hearsay. Around 70% of all reproductive diseases in India are caused by poor menstrual hygiene and women continue to put their health, livelihood and dignity at risk. According to Mumbai-based start-up, 88 percent of women use unhygienic material such as newspapers, cloth and husk when menstruating; 70 percent of women suffer reproductive tract infections; and 23 percent of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating due to inadequate facilities at schools. LEADer Jyoti Gogi understood this problem and took an bold initiative to spread awareness about the same.


LEADer Jyoti comes from a village called, morab. She saw many women using clothes instead of sanitary napkins. Most of women did not have knowledge about hygiene where some of them where ignoring it for several reasons such as expenses and unreasonable myths. Jyoti accepts that women are most strongest and important part of family, if they are educated and aware of hygiene the complete family can be safe. Jyoti chose a place called, Gamangatti and surveyed the village for the information such as how many women are aware about women hygiene and the importance and how many are following it. When she started the survey women and their family members did not support her. They refused to speak about women hygiene and menstruation cycle. Jyoti did not give up and continued going to houses and arranged meetings. As time passed people learnt the importance and started accepting facts and also supported her. LEADer Jyoti distributed low costs sanitary napkins and told women the ways to destroy the waste napkins.

Through this project LEADer Jyoti empathised the problems women in villages go through. She came across situations where women were using newspapers and clothes instead of sanitary napkins, women were selling the free sanitary napkins provided by government. Jyoti gave her best to develop the village and to change mindset of women. She wants to reach maximum women to help them. Women hygiene and menstrual cycle are important factors everyone has to concentrate on and LEADer Jyoti is giving her best for the same cause.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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