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SIRI isn’t just for iPhone users, we present to you SIRI for today’s women too


LEADer Pallavi visited Dharmasthala during LEAD Prayana. She was inspired by the concept of Siri. Siri, a concept of women empowerment was first taken up under the guidance of Mrs. Hemavathi V. Heggade, wife of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala and Chairman of SKDRDP. Under the Siri project, poor landless women are encouraged to take up various income-generation activities.

Pallavi, who had been brought up in rural India had witnessed the hardships of rural life and thus was inspired to implement SIRI project in her village too. She thought of beginning to work on her idea by training women in handicrafts and enabling them to earn their livelihood. She took up this as a LEAD project.

Initially, she visited villages Kodekal, Hunasagi, Hokrani and Talikoti and explained women about her intention of training them. She also approached women who were skilled in making handicrafts. She requested them to take classes for untrained women. Thus her training classes started. Basket weaving, embroidery, knitting, painting etc. were taught. Through this women exchanged their knowledge and gained hands on experience on a variety of arts.

The success of her first initiative inspired Pallavi to go ahead and push her boundaries. Thus she thought of training women about food processing too. For this, she visited Haveri and observed a food processing unit. LEADer Pallavi approached ‘VIHAR Group of Companies’ and asked them to train women of her village too. After 4 months of her repeated requests. They agreed to train her village women for 4 days. Shri Puttanagouda and his mother Shantamma, Shri S.F. Masuti are chief mentors of the organization. The first training program was conducted in Kodekal where 350 women participated. The 4-day training program was called ‘Food Production and Entrepreneurship’. In the training camp, all the women were taught to prepare variety papad, Chakkuli, a variety of sweets etc.Training for the other village women was also provided in their respective villages. Finally, 1500 women were beneficiated by the training program.

LEader Pallavi wanted to take up initiatives on women empowerment as she had witnessed the hardships of life in the rural environment of the rural people as she hailed from the rural family. Instead of wasting time in the home, she thought to train up the rural women about the craft and help them to earn their livelihood and she started visiting the villages Kodekal, Hunasagi, Hokrani and Talikoti and appealed the women and explained the people about her project, they were impressed by this inspiring project.

Pallavi from SK Degree College was inspired by the NGO SIRI during her visit to Dharmasthala and then thought of implementing similar kind of idea at her place Talikoti. Hence she trained more than 1500+ women out of which 342 women started their business.  Pallavi has completed more than 13 projects and has benefited many villages. She has also completed a project under Jan Dhan Yojana. It has helped 7638+ people of her village to create the bank accounts.


LEADer Pallavi’s project has enabled 252 women to start their business. They have started businesses like Bangle Store, animal husbandry, Basket weaving, embroidery, knitting, painting etc.

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