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Signature literacy at Hubli

In India and most of the world, signatures are one of the first steps for approving document and contracts. In India, many do not even know how to sign their name so the task of signing a paper can be quite intimidating. When the Susandhi Fellowships Students Shivani and Kavya figured out this problem, they ventured to solve the problem in Huballi.
Not only did they want the patrons to understand how to spell their name but they also wanted them to understand what exactly it means to sign their name and the responsibility associated with a signature. In a matter of months, this team was able to teach over a thousand locals here in Huballi to teach them the importance of signing their name. This small act empowered thousands of illiterate people to have the confidence to sign their name.
The team did this by working one on one with the people in Huballi. The team went door to door and convinced the locals that having a signature was a worthwhile skill to have. Once they gained a reputation teaching, this skill, people started to come to them. This meant more than just signing their name this meant that they had the liberty to sign their name and understand why they are signing their name.
If a signature can have this much impact image, the impact other things can have. You have the opportunity to be mentored and be provided with resources to springboard a project of your own. So if you have been thinking about a project, I would suggest approaching LEAD to turn that dream into a reality.
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