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A tribute to the one who sacrificed


1Indian Army says, Serving the nation is always first priority. Since many years our army has been protecting us from the wars. Kargil War was one of them. Some of us don’t even know why 26th July is celebrated as vijaya diwas?Kargil, an armed conflict between India and Pakistan in Kargil district of Kashmir and along the line of control. This war continued for the two months and ended on 26th of July, 1999 on the favour of India with so much of blood loss and financial loss in both the countries. As the years passed people forgot about the war and the sacrifices of Indian Army.



Leader Raveena Savadi from SGBIT College, Belagavi, took an initiative to remember the Kargil day and celebrate with the Army officers. The event was held on 26th July in Belagavi. In the memory of the officers, Raveena and her team started a candle march. They started the rally from Lead office till Tilakwadi.



ravina9Raveena and team went to the houses and explained them about kargil divas and asked them to join in the rally. Then they went to an orphanage. They told children about the rally and took them with the leaders for the candle march. They gave the tribute to the officers and the army men who sacrificed their lives in Kargil war. The people who have experienced the thrill and the faced the war, leaders went to their houses and asked them to share their experiences. After hearing those experiences all were stunned and inspired.


Difficulties faced during this projects were convincing people for the rally. Telling them about the reason behind the rally was one of the difficult task. There were questions like what are you people getting from this rally?After all the difficulties this project was successful. For this project Raveena received Rs 500 as the funds from LEAD for preparing the charts, for buying the candles and other things for the rally. When it was asked to Raveena about the benefits of this project she said, “There was nothing as such benefits in this project but I am happy that we could hear to the people who have sacrificed their days, months, years and lives for us. It was very good and inspiring project for all of us.” It takes only one step to do something. Somewhere your good works make someone worthy and happy.

Written by : Nilima Jangam

Email id: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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