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Self Defense Training at Nipani!


It is hard in the evening to get from point A to point B for many Indian students due to the imminent danger of commuting at night.  A local Nipani LEAD student from by the name of Vaibhav Yadhav observed this type of harassment at public events and while commuting.  He was tired of this problem and decided to do something about it. Vaibhav knew how to defend himself due to prior training and was ready to teach it to students.

He has visited 10 schools  of which are in the city of Nipani Government schools hostels he training students since from 1 year and still this in progress. he has impacted over 1600 school students Hopefully, these students will not have to use these techniques, but if they do get attacked, they sure will be ready.

The women have been very grateful of Vaibhav and team encouraged him to come back to the schools and teach more often. He has received eight letters of appreciation from the school. The headmasters are also very enthusiastic about Vaibhav presence and feel safer knowing their students can protect themselves. The students have gained their independence and can now feel safe walking the streets at any time!

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