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Self Defense Camp for school girls in village!


We daily come across with rape cases, molestation cases on social media, new paper and televisions. Spreading awareness about such sensitive is necessity of today’s world. In villages girls are not at all informed about these harmful things and they keep on hiding if something happens as they don’t know the right thing to do. LEADer Sushma B S observed this serious issue in villages and took a bold initiative to speak about good touch and bad touch.

LEADer Sushma B S is from Vijayapur who is studying Agriculture. Along with her studies Sushama is interested in social service and development of society. When she got inspired from her co Prayanees in Prayana 2018 she found thousands of problems and picked the most serious one as her first project. She visited a place called, Mangulli where she took permission from principle and teachers from a girls school. LEADer Sushama and her team had prepared charts and videos to inspire them to study and to fight when condition arises. LEADers also informed girls about good touch and bad touch. Through videos and charts LEADers taught easy steps to defend from harmful experiences.

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As girls and teachers and public appreciated LEADer sushama’s and her team work team was inspired to bring on more information. But LEADer sushama observed one thing which got her concerned. School strength is 52 and only 25 girls had joined the workshop. When she asked the reasons she came through one more issue, child marriage. LEADer Sushama told girls about disadvantages of child marriage and how it can destroy a girl’s life. Sushama and team informed about child helpline number, 1098 who supports child and defends crimes against children. LEADer sushama and team gave their contact numbers too, to be upadated from the school. Teaching good touch bad touch is the most necessary work and LEADer Sushama initiated it with a bold move.

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Email: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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