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Science module distribution to schools


Being illiterate in scientific subjects is something that the majority of the population would ascribe too. Knowing science allows an individual to think critically with a scientific point of view. Access to excellent and validated information tends to be an issue as education in India varies from state to state. So finding consistency tends to be a difficult thing in primary schools.

Having been through the school system in LEADer Darshan decided to do something about this. While working with the schools, Darshan was able to create 70 science modules to teach to students in rural villages. The best part is that he did not do this by just teaching theory but rather teaching the subject with real-world example and many small and inexpensive experiments.

Students of his modules tended to be overall more excited about learning even past scientific subjects. Excitement for education leads to more students working hard to achieve their goals. The children are our future and teaching them as much as we can allow them to make the future better. Darshan is turning education into more than just learning he is changing the way students feel about learning. Smarter more critical students are the way to a sustainable and equitable future.

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