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LEADer Shivani makes schools better


It is no secret that government schools do not have as much funding. Hence they cannot support the extra things that make private schools so unique. All students deserve a good school experience because this inspires them to enjoy study and learning. A group of students led by LEADer Shivani is trying to change the perspective of public schools attendees by modifying their current infrastructure.

Earlier this year Shivani noticed the current poor state of public schools. She decided that this type of environment was not suitable for learning. The team wondered what it was that was missing from public schools and after a lot of thought the figured out that there was nothing that inspired creativity; this is when their team decided to make the school more beautiful.

The team started by cleaning the current facilities the schools have then continued by painting on the walls of the school. The LEADers painted many things such as colourful murals as well as educational tools like the alphabet on the walls. To date, the students modified ten schools and will continue to make these schools more kid-friendly.

Imagine a little bit of paint, and hard work made thousands of small children excited to come to school. It is projects like this that set a standard for change. It does not take a lot to change a individuals perspective on life. If you are thinking about creating a change. Just start by approaching your local LEAD team and see how we can help you help others.

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