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Helping minority students to apply for scholarship.


Scholarships play an important helping role in a students education. There are a lot of students in India who can’t afford better and higher studies due to their poor wealth background. But we have the benefit called scholarship. Scholarship provides money to students who apply based on the education they are pursuing every year. 


But when it comes to get the benefit, it’s quite difficult for students to apply. Either they won’t be knowing how to apply, what all documents are required and especially the students in villages have no cyber centre in their village so they have to go in search of cyber centre to apply. In order to make this hurdle easy, LEADer Shoaib Suhail from Maharaj Madakari Nayaka Degree college, Chitradurga, Karnataka thought of visiting a few different schools  at Challakere Taluka and seeking permission from the authorities to help the students to apply for scholarship. 


He first did a small research on the different types of scholarships for different age group students pursuing education. At schools, after seeking permission, he shared the information with students and asked them to get the required documents on a particular day and on that day he filled their online applications of every student. LEADer Shoaib is helping minority students from primary to college level students to apply for a scholarship. Every year they will be getting Rupees 6000. Till now, he has applied more than  250 applications free of cost. He says that he will be continuing this project next year also by charging a tiny amount on each application.


Students as well as teachers thanked LEADer for his work. During the project, LEADer got more knowledge about the scholarships and he also could learn LEADership skills, time management, and could enhance his skills of using online communication skills. 

Written by : Priyanka Kammar

Email ID : priyankaykammar18@gmail.com

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