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Tobacco company kills their best customers


Everyone watch movies in cinema halls or at home on televisions. They show advertisement before every movie starts about a man lying on bed suffering from cancer. The video is all about consequences of having tobacco. People have made habits more important than health.

LEADer shanti from KLE Arts and Commerce College from Chikodi started project about telling people about ill effects of tobacco. It was a group project of 55 leaders from KLE College, Chikodi. The project topic was strong enough for attracting non leaders to participate in the project. LEADers decided to start a rally against tobacco from their college to municipality of Chikodi. They continued the rally till bus stand of Chikodi. They not only told people about consequences of chewing tobacco but also performed a street play. The street play was about how tobacco consumption affects health and environment. Then LEADers Shanti and Nikita gave a speech where both of them emphasized the real motive behind the rally. They tried to convince people how addiction of tobacco can destroy everything.


students at rally

While the rally was going on leaders went to people personally and told them about the harm of chewing tobacco some of people were not responding at all some were rude while some agreed to LEADers. Most of the shopkeepers weren’t ready to listen as their maximum profit comes from tobacco and cigarettes.






Students with banners educating the crowd

LEADers conveyed their message through rally and the local television channels helped leaders for publicity of the rally by broadcasting the rally and speech on television. Stopping people from consumption of tobacco is a drastic change in community which will not happen all of a sudden. It takes time. But is was necessary to  start the change. LEADer shanti and her team took a step ahead for the change in community.The project gave an important message to society which everyone for the betterment.



Written by: Nilima Jangam

Email id: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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