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Risks of driving under 18!


“Due to underage driving many innocent lives are lost on the roads, instead of landing in a successful career”.

We come across to many incidents and accidents in which youth are involved in underage driving. This is a very serious issue to deal with, where teenagers are obsessed with driving out of thrill, without anticipating dangers behind it. The phase of teenage is such an age where youth have this illusion of feeling great with tons of energy to do something. This is also a phase where a teenager are confused with what is right or wrong.  Sometimes it is a peer pressure and sometimes it is a way of show off for their parents.  Giving bike or cars to teens at such sensitive stage would definitely place youth in an unexpected trouble.

It is illegal to drive without mandatory licence. The insurance companies also do not claim any insurance in any case of accidents of underage driving. Apart from all this disadvantages, if any accident involving underage driving takes place, parents are the ones to blame because of the negligence. If a child of age (13-18) are forcing parents to buy a vehicle or even if they show any interest in vehicles, parents should explain rules and regulations of driving. Parents should explain them why underage driving is not allowed. Also parents should make children aware about the consequences for the unusual happenings.

Parents should explain them the importance of following traffic rules and regulations. Parents are the ones who make their children understand the ill effects of underage driving. Parents should follow the rules and regulations of traffic to become the ideal person for their children. This behavior of parents make children follow rules like fastening seat belt while driving car or avoiding phone calls while travelling. 


The most important advice parents can give is by their actions and by teaching them their responsibilities by setting an example. If parents drive with caution and obey the laws of the road – their children will also have more respect for traffic laws.  It is “Parents” who can protect their child.



Written By: Kavya Vangala

Email: kavyavangala7@gmail.com

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