LEAD Prayana

I Rishab Bansal, am proud to be a Prayanee


Leadership is an intense journey into yourself. You can use your own style to get anything done. It’s about being self-aware.

Every morning, I look in the mirror and say, ‘I could have done three things better yesterday.’

The only journey is the one which one aspires to live”

LEAD Prayana, when I first heard the name I thought it was one of those same old adventure trips. But when I took a look at their website, I got to know that it was no ordinary journey, it is a special journey of meeting special people and getting inspired.

The whole thought of LEAD Prayana got me excited and I signed up for the journey.I came down all the way from Delhi to Belgaum. Initially, it was not easy to mingle with 130+ strangers from all over India. There was that barrier of language, culture and lifestyles. But as the journey started, we started interacting with each other and all those barriers started breaking down.IMG-20170204-WA0028

After a couple of days, we were like a family.Throughout the journey, we kept meeting new role models and we were ears to their story.

Each and every moment of Prayana kept energising and inspiring us.The words of Mr.Bala Girisaballa and Mr.Jay touched me the most. They advised us to run behind our passion no matter what happens,

Hard work combined with smart work makes our route to success easier. These were the

best lines of Prayana for me and I’ll remember this throughout my life.

The lush forest, hilltops, morning dew, cool zephyr of Kuppam was heavenly. It gave me an out the world feeling. The stay at Kuppam was refreshing one. The fresh atmosphere ofKuppam cleansed our mind and soul. It helped us stay focused on our passion.


As the tagline of LEAD Prayana says Unleash your Leadership potentials. Prayana, the journey of discovering ourselves helped me find my true passion and it also transformed me into a better version of myself. Prayana has brought that craziness in my life and I have learnt to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Thanks to Prayana, I have explored my love for driving and long rides.

I can go on describing Prayana the whole day and I fell short of words to express its zeal and excitement. You’ll never know the real taste of it until you experience it. So what are you waiting for? Be a part of LEAD Prayana 2018.

I want to relive every moment of once again, so LEAD Prayana 2018 here I come!

Written by-Shyam Manja


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