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Regeneration of moral values within school students.


Education seems to be completed only when it leads to all round development of an individual which encompasses not only mental knowledge but also moral development. Moral education influences the social thinking of an individual and makes a person to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong in every aspect of their life. 


In the present generation, we can witness  degeneration of moral values. Moral education is important as it teaches us diversity, tolerance, mutual respect, and pluralistic values. 


LEader Gajanand Gothe from Deshpande Educational Trust, Hubballi took up a wonderful social project. He found LEAD as an opportunity to prove himself that he can do best and can do something better for the society. He noticed that children of the present generation are heading more towards the improper usage of technology and leaving back the moral values. 



LEader Gajanand and his team went to villages Tarihal, Kanvi, and Honnapur nearby Hubballi and visited schools there. They conducted a seminar on moral education and few activities to aware the children about the importance of moral education in day-to-day life. More than 350 students were benefited by this initiative. LEADer Gajanand shared that he could gain leadership qualities like decision making, convincing the people, and qualities to  lead the tlea during this project.


School staff and the villagers supported the LEaders and even appreciated them with happiness and satisfaction. Gajanand and his team are looking forward to visit more schools and continue the project in the next coming days.


Written by : Swaroop Kotagi

Email ID: patilsiddu992@gmail.com

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