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Recognizing the hardly noticed Sacrifices and Love!


 The nature itself has distributed the work among men and women to maintain the stability in the society. From ancient times men are considered as the back bone of the family. As soon as the son baby is born the family considers him as the hope, the future back bone, and support for his parents, as body guard for his sisters. From childhood itself they are taken for granted. In this world of feminism men are always considered as the strongest shoulder to lean on.

Today, 19th November, International Men’s Day is the day to give tribute to all those men out there who have sacrificed their dreams just to support their families, to those brothers who have always treated their sisters as the angel and have protected from this evil world, to those friends who believe in “brother from another mother”, to those husbands who work hard so that the family should never suffer, to those fathers who struggle only to complete their children’s dreams. When the world speaks about equality, it is considered that only women need equality in all situations. Since the childhood men are taught to be strong, to not to cry, to not to be shy, to cut hair, not to wear something which will not be accepted by the society. As soon as boys hit their puberty they are seen as dangerous for many in the society. Sometimes even the selfless deed from a boy or man is considered as the threat. They are supposed to be strong and the ones who never shade a drop of tear. In short, they are taught to wear a mask. Where the truth is, not all men or boys are threat, every boy or a man has the emotions and feelings. They might not get hurt by small things but they do get happy with very small things. Not all men want to marry a woman who can be a home maid, not all men want to marry a woman who earns a lot. A man wants his better half to understand him and his little things. He wants his better half along with him for all the stages of his life. They always want their sister to be strong and independent as they are. They want their children to get all the best things in world. As a father he will sacrifice his sleep, his dreams but he will make sure that his children achieve their dreams, he will work hard just to make sure that his children have a sound sleep. When they consider someone as their friends they do mean it by heart.  Right after graduation they should have a job or something through which they can support their families. To prove their manhood they have to work according to the rules society has set.

Men carry all the pressure on their shoulder. It might sound weird but emotion is the strength in men’s life. Every stage in life is an exam for them, failing in one is equal to failing in proving the society. As years pass there is increase in responsibilities in their life. Their life may seem simple but they do think about their appearances, they do care about their position in the society. Despite of all the good things, they have to face lots of criticism. If women are not safe in this world then neither are the men.

Today, on this occasion of International Men’s day we would like to tell all the men out there that we are incomplete without them. Their sacrifices do count, more than anyone could ever measure.  

Written By: Nilima Jangam

Mail: nilimajangam65@gmail.com

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