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Rally For Rivers


Water. This five letter word plays such a prominent role in the whole wide Universe, you never know!Say, the growth of plant or the Human’s body water is the most essential need.Where do we get this magical chemical compound from? Well, the main sources of water are Rains, lakes and Rivers, the ocean, streams, wells etc.

Humans are one of reasons for the level of water today. Where the water is going as waste or its being polluted. It’s our primary goal to save this Savior.Here’s a LEADer Preethi Kamatagi from Smt.Kumudben Darbar college, Vijayapur,who had taken an initiative to enlighten people around regarding the significance of Rivers, one of the main sources of water by joining the Rally For Rivers. So what’s this trending ‘Rally for Rivera’s about? It’s a campaign by Sadguru (Founder of Isha Foundation, India) to the people around India to bring awareness about Rivers which are depleting day by day and to be revived by planning 1Km of trees on either sides of the rivers.

People all around the country have actively participated in this great campaign. We, the youth are the ones who are responsible for the betterment of the country in each and every aspect. LEADer Preethi was one amongst them who have reached 500 people through this tremendous campaign in Vijayapur. She is so glad to be the part of it and says that it has great impact on society where each and everyone are to be awoken in this matter of survival. So it’s our duty to look after the gifts whatever the nature has given to us. Just once question yourself that what’s your tribute to mother nature where it has given you everything, like EVERYTHING!?

Let’s be the change and bring the change!!!


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